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The War on Drugs

As you all know, I am a huge music fan! One of my favorite bands of the past several years is 'The War on Drugs'. Their last album, "A Deeper Understanding" won the Grammy award in 2018 for "Best Rock Album". They are absolutely some of the finest musicians I have ever heard. Their live music is so clean, and they are all in sync on every note. I really hope that when we can go to concerts again, that I can see them live. I missed them on the last tour, and it will be a priority to see them next time they travel.

The video I have put up is for one of the most upbeat songs I have ever heard. It is called "Holding On'. Very appropriate for the conditions we are living under right now. It makes me think of what life would be like without my wife in it, and I know it would motivate me to "keep living".....because it does that now. It is both sad, and glorious at the same time.

This is from a web page describing the video of “Holding On”. The video stars Frankie Faison (of The Wire) and band leader Adam Granduciel and was directed by filmmaker Brett Haley with concept by Krysten Ritter. Haley is known for directing feature films I’ll See You In My Dreams and The Hero.

Holding On
Official Video

High tide this morning
on Bailey Beach (5/16/2020)

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