Mr. McLean - Computer Science Principles


to your new Computer Science Principles course here at Foothill HS. Mr. McLean is still your teacher, but he is now living in a virtual world. So are you actually, but more on that later.

Week of May 4 to may 10

We are going to start the Python Turtle this week. Basically, the Turtle is a way to use Python commands to draw on your screen! I will have the first Turtle lessons set up and ready for you by noon on Tuesday.

  1. Here are the Powerpoint slides, and this will get you creating with the Python Turtle

  2. Here is the textbook with just the Chapter 2 Turtle Instructions. The Python Textbook covering the Turtle

  3. For credit for this weeks classwork, attempt some of the "Turtle" Drawings listed on the last page of the textbook. creative and submit a drawing that is original. I would love to see color fill, and some background color in your workspace. Remember on colors....less is more! You can "share" your workspace with MC by clicking the "share" button, and copying the link, and them e-mailing it to MC at

  4. There are many tutorials on the web. I searched on YouTube and entered "python turtle basics", and they are all over the place. I think you will find the Turtle to be very addicting. I hope so.....remember to get your other classwork done too. Show me what you can do!

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Weekly Assignments will be posted each Sunday for the next week. We will cover three assignments (approximately one hour each) per week.

If you have questions, e-mail me at:

You should all take Computer Literacy next year....we learn how to use Word, Excel, and can come in handy, huh! :<)