Mr. McLean - Computer Science Principles


to your new Computer Science Principles course here at Foothill HS. Mr. McLean is still your teacher, but he is now living in a virtual world. So are you actually, but more on that later.

Week of April 27 to May 3

We are going to skip ahead a little bit in the Chapter. I want to cover random numbers, and how we can wrie programs to generate them, and how they can be used. AFter this section, we will spend some time with the Python Turtle. You should enjoy working with both of these sections. Here are you assignments for the week. They are worth the following point totals:

  1. Python - Chapter 5 Functions Textbook - Start on Page 239, with section 5.7 (Random Numbers)

  2. Powerpoint Slides in PDF Format of Section 1 thru 7 of Chapter 5 - Randon starts at Section 7

  3. Key Programs 5-16 thru 5-19 in Copy the text of 5-19 into an e-mail and send it to MC for a weekly grade at You will have to log in and make the files in yourself, just like we did in class.

  4. MC on video demonstrating how and why random numbers are necessary in programming - coming soon!

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Weekly Assignments will be posted each Sunday for the next week. We will cover three assignments (approximately one hour each) per week.

If you have questions, e-mail me at:

You should all take Computer Literacy next year....we learn how to use Word, Excel, and can come in handy, huh! :<)