Mr. McLean - Computer Science Principles


to your new Computer Science Principles course here at Foothill HS. Mr. McLean is still your teacher, but he is now lving in a virtual world. So are you actually, but more on that later.

Week of April 20 to April 26

Here are you assignments for the week. They are worth the following point totals:

  1. Python - Chapter 5 Functions Textbook - Read through Section 4, end of page 225

  2. Powerpoint Slides in PDF Format of Section 1 thru 4 of Chapter 5

  3. Key Programs 5.3 - Acme Dryer (page 221 and 222) in - MC is sending it to as an assignment. Click submit when you are finished with it. I will grade this for the weeks points.

  4. Add Checkpoint Questions 10-12 (page 225) in Chapter 5 to your list you already made. You do not have to e-mail them this week, but will need them to study from.

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Weekly Assignments will be posted each Sunday for the next week. We will cover three assignments (approximately one hour each) per week.

If you have questions, e-mail me at:

You should all take Computer Literacy next year....we learn how to use Word, Excel, and can come in handy, huh! :<)