Mr. McLean - Computer Literacy

Week of May 18 to May 29

Here are your assignments for the week of May 18 to May 24. They are worth the following point totals:

Powerpoint - 130 points - Here are your Instructions! I also "HIGHLY SUGGEST" you watch the videos listed below in order. They have everything you need to get started.

  1. Personal Powerpoint - Video Part 1 (Getting started with Powerpoint)
    View on YouTube - View on Google

  2. Personal Powerpoint - Video Part 2 (Powerpoint topics and adding new slides)
    View on YouTube - View on Google

  3. Personal Powerpoint - Video Part 3 (Putting a design on your slides)
    View on YouTube - View on Google

  4. Personal Powerpoint - Video Part 4 (Inserting a Picture)
    View on YouTube - View on Google

  5. Personal Powerpoint - Video Part 5 (Inserting a Smart Art Graphic)
    View on YouTube - View on Google

  6. Personal Powerpoint - Video Part 6 (Inserting a Table)
    View on YouTube - View on Google

The Personal Powerpoint is designed to be a two-week assingment. The first week will be setting up the presentation, and the second will be focused on "fine tuning" and learning some of the features of the program. The goal is to have a beautiful presentation that you can share with anyone and tell them all about you. When you finish you can submit it for a final grade. (attach the file if you build it on your computer, or send me a link to it using and click the "share" button, and put my e-mail address in the box) at

Weekly Assignments will be posted each Sunday for the next week. We will cover three assignments (approximately one hour each) per week.

If you have questions, e-mail me at:

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